TRITOP Professional

TRITOP Professional software is used to analyze the high-resolution images produced by the TRITOP measurement system. Features such as reference points, contrast lines and adapters are determined quickly and accurately, and displayed in the software including the calculated 3D coordinates. The TRITOP measurement system and the matching software can be used to measure and inspect not only small components but also larger parts such as are used in the construction of trains, ships and wind power units.

Parametric Inspection

Image Mapping

Local Coordinate Systems

Static Deformation Analysis


Static Deformation Analysis

The TRITOP Professional software can be used to analyze mechanical and thermal loads on objects (structure and climate chamber testing). Shifting the reference points makes it possible to determine the movements and deformation of all components in a particular object.

Local Coordinate System

The local coordinate system in the software makes it possible to perform local or drawing-based evaluations. Hence, the dimensioning within a coordinate system is possible, standardized GD&T position analysis can be combined easily with local coordinate analysis in the same reference system and complex alignment strategies can be implemented. The local coordinate systems also form the basis for 6DoF analysis.


A timeline integrated in the graphical interface supports the management of multi-stage projects, for example in statistical process control (SPC) and deformation analysis. The software user can switch back and forth between stages within a trend project or display relevant/defined stage areas exclusively.


Adjustable report templates are used to tailor measurement reports precisely to individual measuring tasks. Spreadsheets in VDA format, for example, are available for doing so. Operators can also generate attractive video sequences from the deformation evaluations. All measurement results can be accessed by customers and colleagues with the free GOM Inspect 3D viewer.

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The portable TRITOP system measures coordinates of 3D objects quickly and precisely. Measuring tasks that traditionally were performed by tactile 3D coordinate measuring machines can now easily be carried out with the TRITOP system.