We are happy to offer you support and services for the 3D measurement technology from GOM.

Maintenance Services

Maintenance Service

The Maintenance Services is a service in which your sensor is cleaned, checked and re-certified. If something needs to be exchanged, the spare parts are not covered by the maintenance service. This service consists of the cleaning, setup and functional analysis of the hardware and electronic components, the inspection and functional test of the safety devices and the recertification of the sensor (verification services).

Verification Service

As part of the Verification Service, your sensor will be re-certified at your location. The Verification Service consists of the GOM Acceptance Test for checking the measurement accuracy, the check with DAkkS certified ball artifact based on VDI 2634 Sheet 3: 2008 and the protocol of the acceptance test and test sticker.

Software Coverage

As part of the software coverage, you can obtain the current software. We are also available to answer questions about software, sensors and applications. If the software coverage is interrupted, the gap must be closed retrospectively at 50% of the costs, however, a maximum of 3 years will be charged.