GOM Touch Probe

The GOM Touch Probe is a calibrated set of point markers which are optically tracked by the ATOS 3D Digitizer. ATOS delivers a full-field polygon mesh describing an object's surface precisely and the online 3D coordinates of the touch probe.

Many complex metrology applications require the combination of full-field and point based 3D measurement. The GOM Touch Probe is an add-on to the ATOS 3D Digitizer:

Only the ATOS dynamic referencing allows the object or the sensor to be easily and freely moved or positioned. Sensor and object do not need to be fixed in relation to each other allowing a flexible measurement planning, reaching all sides, without complex respanning or reclamping of sensor or part.

Five standard touch probe sizes are available for small to large objects - from the measurement of an alignment hole on a small injection molded part with the GOM Touch Probe PM1.5 to cooling channels of a large casting with the GOM Touch Probe PM18. The touch probes have been developed to adapt to many different applications. The standard M5 thread on the PM3-PM18 touch probes allows easy interchange of probe heads and extenders. Furthermore, the user can create customized touch probes for specific tasks.

GOM Touch Probe in Use