GOM Scan 1

GOM Scan 1 is here to open up new possibilities. Industrial standards such as GOM fringe projection technology and Blue Light Technology deliver the foundation for detailed and accurate 3D meshes. Meanwhile, the integrated software GOM Inspect helps you apply the mesh to any project you want: 3D printing, reverse engineering or part inspection.

A powerful 3D scanner

GOM Scan 1 features a compact shape and robust design filled with advanced technologies. From GOM’s Blue Light Technology to the stereo camera principle, this sensor is built to deliver 3D data with high precision. The lightweight solution allows you to capture 3D data intuitively. Easy to operate, GOM Scan 1 is the specialist for simple and fast measurements of small to medium-sized parts – even in confined spaces. GOM Scan 1 with pre-installed GOM Inspect takes meshes to the next level. You can rely on high quality data, generate precise meshes and get your 3D data easily and fast.


GOM Scan 1

  • Measuring Area [mm]
    100 x 65 - 400 x 250
  • Working Distance [mm]
  • Points per Scan
    6 Millionen
  • Dimensions [mm]
    290 x 215 x 80
  • Weight [kg]

GOM Scan 1 in Use