GOM ScanCobot

GOM ScanCobot connects an optical ATOS scanner from GOM with a motorized turntable and a collaborative robot. The ATOS sensor captures high-precision quality information in the shortest possible time, creating the reliable basis for interpreting it effortlessly. So that a 3D scanner from GOM can completely capture a component, it must be able to look at the component from a wide variety of positions. With the GOM ScanCobot, this otherwise manual process is carried out using a collaborative robot.

Efficient scanning

automated inspection

Maximum Ease of Use

Mobile with Small Footprint

The GOM ScanCobot was developed for the ATOS Core Sensor. This 3D scanner works without contact and with blue stripe light and therefore delivers precise, detailed data at high speed. The ATOS Core was developed with intelligent software for high-precision and repeatable measurements.


GOM ScanCobot

  • Dimensions footprint [mm]
    975 x 775
  • Working height [mm]
  • Power supply
    230 Volt
  • Max. part size [diameter in mm]
  • Max. part weight [kg]
  • Sensor compatibility
    ATOS Core

GOM ScanCobot in Use