ATOS ScanPort

The scanner has been developed for measurement and inspection of small components. It has a 3+3 kinematic with three motorized and three manual axes. Especially recurring measurement tasks are simplified with the automated rotation, tilt and linear axis. The movements of lift and rotation table as well as the different tilting angles of the rotation table can be recorded with the Motion Replay software functionality – without the need for prior programming. Thus, when users need to measure identical or similar multiple parts, these measurement positions are simply played back.

3 Motorised Axes

3 Manual Axes

Motion Replay

Quick Release

ATOS ScanPort is a docking station for the optical 3D scanner ATOS Core, which performs full-field, non-contact part measurements. Four models with different resolutions are available. Depending on resolution requirements and measuring volumes, the convenient sensor heads can be swapped easily via a quick release, without the need for re-calibration.

ATOS ScanPort in Use