ATOS Plus is an add-on for all ATOS Triple Scan, ATOS Capsule and ATOS Core sensors and enables fully integrated photogrammetry and reference point collection. With ATOS Plus, a completely automated inspection process can be realized allowing for:

Higher Repeatability and Reliability

Process Safety over Long Periods

Time Saving

Reduced Costs of Fixturing

The accuracy of fixtures can be affected by a number of external factors, including temperature and mechanical influences, bumps and collisions as well as changes in position of fixtures and parts in the course of time. ATOS Plus detects these changes automatically and triggers a new photogrammetry measurement.

Photogrammetry produces highly accurate results. However, the accuracy of traditional manual measurements can be influenced by the operator. A human operator does not always manage to achieve identical positions, and the operator’s diligence can be reduced over time.

ATOS Plus in Use