ARAMIS is a non-contact and material-independent measuring system based on digital image correlation (DIC). It offers a stable solution for full-field and point-based analyses of test objects of just a few millimeters up to structural components of several meters in size.

Materials research and component testing play an important role in product development. The ARAMIS systems provide information on the properties of the materials used and the behavior of the products under load. These results form the basis for product durability, geometrical layout and reliable numerical simulations and validations.

ARAMIS Sensors and further ARAMIS Products


Robust sensor for high-end applications

ARAMIS 3D Camera

Robust sensor for industrial applications

ARAMIS Adjustable

Flexible solution for research

GOM Correlate

GOM Correlate is a software package for digital image correlation (DIC) and 3D motion analysis in materials and components testing. The software is used for the determination of material properties as well as for the validation and optimization of numerical simulations. GOM Correlate is applied in basic research, product development and failure analyses.

ARAMIS for Education

For applications in the field of materials and components testing, GOM offers the "ARAMIS for Education" package for apprenticeships and training courses. The ARAMIS system is used in study programs and specialist fields such as material sciences/materials testing, mechanical engineering/automotive engineering/mechatronics and FEM. In addition, ARAMIS has proven to be an efficient measuring system for materials and components testing.